Coaching skills: Coach mindset

Understand the coach's mindset, and prepare to be an outstanding leader.

Understand how and why coaching skills are an important part of the leader's toolkit.

In this Quest you will firstly assess your own coaching skills, then develop your learning goals.

What will it take for you to become an outstanding coach? Outstanding coach habits. Learn more about these habits, and how you can develop them.

Good coaches have a particular 'coach presence' and you will find out what this is like, and learn how to develop your own.

The Quest will help you to keep a focus on your development goals, and through habit-forming reminders, help you to systematically develop your coach presence.

Grow your coaching mindset, and become a leader who brings out the full potential of your team and every individual in it.

Dr Karen Morley is an inclusionist. Her vision is to amplify leadership impact. Everyone’s. That’s why inclusive leadership strategies and practices are core to all her work. She’s an authority on the benefits of gender balanced leadership and how to help women to succeed at work. And on how to be an inclusive leader.

It’s her own history of experiencing difference and exclusion that drives her motivation to influence inclusion. She’s working hard to help leaders understand the value of inclusive leadership to organisational as well as social outcomes.

Karen has helped organisations like Bunnings, CSL, Department of Education, Department of Justice, Downer, Fulton Hogan Australia, HASSELL, Melbourne Water, QBE, Officeworks, and the University of Melbourne on their diversity and inclusion programs. She works with passionate advocates of inclusion to help them increase their influence and make a bigger impact, sooner.

Karen has published Beat Gender Bias: How to play a better part in a more inclusive worldGender-Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide and Lead like a Coach: How to Make the Most of Any Team.

Quest Curriculum

  • 9 Levels
  • Coaching By Karen
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Why coach?

    Understand why and how coaching skills are an important part of the leader's toolkit

  • Level 02

    Assess your coaching skills

    Assess your motivation for coaching, and your coaching skills. Identify strengths and gaps, then set yourself a coaching goal.

  • Level 03

    Coach mindset is generative

    Coaching is generative, that means it focuses on the employee; their needs, their interests, their suggestions and their development. It comes from a place of genuine inquiry. It helps others to feel valued and appreciated.

  • Level 04

    Turn mindset into presence

    Coach presence is how you turn the mindset into action. Learn the critical components of coach presence.

  • Level 05

    Be vulnerable to connect

    Understand what it means to be vulnerable as a coach, and how it helps you to coach.

  • Level 06

    Use empathy to honour others' feelings

    Understand the key components of empathy and identify what you can do to improve your own.

  • Level 07

    Humility helps others be their best

    Understand the greater value of asking questions rather than providing the answers.

  • Level 08

    Value the work of others - it matters

    Learn how to increase your appreciation, and why it matters so much to good leadership.

  • Level 09

    Review coach mindset

    Check your learning about coach mindset and how to improve it.

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Success Stories

  • Jenine Smith

    I highly recommend Lead Like a Coach

    "Karen has a wealth of experience and is a knowledgeable executive coach. Exercises, insights, strategies and simple tools have given me the confidence to continue to practice my coaching in and outside the workplace environment. The friendly, open and challenging style made it easy to connect and ask those difficult questions around coaching conversations. It helped me reflect on my leadership style and authentically apply my learning. My relationships with my team and others have improved."

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